Company Overview

Nailbot is the first smartphone nail art printer that allows anyone to get cute and customizable manicures in the comfort of their own home!

In order to print on one’s nail, the user will need to prep with a solid base color. Then they can select a design from the Nailbot app that they would like printed. After placing their finger in the machine beneath their phone, Nailbot will then use augmented reality to locate the edges of the user’s nail in order to properly print the image. After this, the design will be printed in 1200 dpi within 5 seconds using a specialty cosmetic ink.



Problem & Solution

Though Nailbot has a well established following, it lacks a solid branding system that can be applied to all aspects of the product. It appears that there are a few logos that are being used to represent Nailbot. This lack of brand consistency can lead to confusion among the audience.

The solution would be to develop a new brand that indicates that Nailbot is both a piece of sophistocated technology and a fun gadget used for styling and accessorizing in the comfort of the user’s own home.


New Logo

nailbot logo.png

Logo Process


Color Palette

color palette.jpg

Type Palette

type palette.jpg